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The book focused on two best friends, Gen and Ava, as they made their way through their collegiate years. With topics ranging from metal health, to LGBTQ identity, to hating your job, Dunn and Raskin manage to craft a novel that perfectly combines the candidness of growing up with the humor of two extremely online gals. GO: Yeah, I actually have really fond memories of you all. My best friend and I used to watch you guys all the time. You guys were like a cooler version of us! I want to ask you: Do you hear things like that a lot from people? What does it feel like to be role models for a lot of people in the digital generation like me? I was already out, and it was so cool to be able to point to you as another person that people knew and that we all could relate to.

Just Between Us

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an LA-based odd couple comedy channel from co-dependent besties Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn. On Mondays, they post their weekly dating advice show.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing love and support. We are so excited to share this day with you and look forward to dancing the night away with all of our favorite people! We would like recognize both our parents who are helping us make this day possible. They are both wonderful examples of having the strong, committed, and loving marriage that we wish to have. Our love story began on Gabby’s birthday, back in March Using the latest and greatest in dating technology, we both were looking for love.

Kevin was traveling for work, and found himself in Indiana. It was her birthday weekend that she found Kevin. And we made a connection. It was the equivalent to meeting in a bar perhaps? Some flirtatious banter was exchanged back and forth through text. Texts led to phones calls, calls to dating, and dating turned into a relationship. A year and a half later, Kevin proposed on his birthday weekend!

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She was a writer and director for BuzzFeed Video, but has since left to focus on her YouTube comedy show and podcast Just Between Us with her best friend and fellow former Buzzfeed writer Allison Raskin. Since , she has hosted Bad with Money , a podcast that launched at the Panoply network but is now at Stitcher , which primarily focuses on economy lessons, while also delving into poverty and economic oppression. Her web project, interviews.

Dunn was born on June 1, She attended Emerson College, where she majored in Multimedia Journalism, graduating in

DES MOINES, Iowa — Tiffany Allison is an outspoken victim of dating violence and At DNC, Gabby Giffords speaks out about shooting.

In the last year, YouTube comedy duo Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn have amassed , subscribers, 25 million views of their videos, and have fans stop them in the street. Their channel Just Between Us JBU is described as a weekly dating advice show, which Ms Raskin, 26, readily admits is only a facade, beneath which the two best friends can show off their writing and acting chops. The Jewish pair, who hail from different sides of the East Coast but met in Los Angeles, are a study in opposites attracting.

Ms Raskin fulfils the role of the uptight, closeted Jewish American Princess whose father paid for a nose job, while Ms Dunn, 27, is the rebellious, sexually free liberal. They also grew up on different sides of the religious spectrum. Both have since rebelled against their Jewish upbringing to some degree, but refer to Judaism regularly in their sketches. I found the perfect outfit.

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Alison Olsen is Eddie Huang ‘s ex-girlfriend. She first appeared in the episode ” Boy II Man “. She is portrayed by Isabella Alexander. He was extremely depressed over this, but after a while, he decided to move on to someone new. He went to his piccolo class, where he witnessed Alison playing Dr.

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There’s nothing like a showmance —and “So You Think You Can Dance” has turned out to be an especially good breeding ground for love. Which isn’t all that surprising, given how gorgeous and talented its competitors inevitably are. First, winner Lex Ishimoto and third-placer Taylor Sieve fell for each other OK fine, they officially fell for each other before the show began, but still! It was like something out of a romance novel. We’re still going! We have been so excited to see this film Allison and tWitch are one of our favorite couples of all time—even beyond the show.

We’ve had a blast watching their relationship and their family! How gorgeous are Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello? The ballroom dancers both competed on Season 6, and have since gotten married and started a family together. So much talent in one season-spanning she won Season 7, he was a runner-up on Season 9 couple! Love their love.

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PLEASE SEND HELP is a charming and raw sequel to Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin’s I HATE EVERYONE BUT YOU. It follows Ava and Gen as they enter the​.

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin are paving the way for female comedians on the Internet. The channel was an instant hit with its advice show format and numerous skits in which the two portray exaggerated versions of themselves. In each episode, they discuss topics including feminism, friendship, LGBT issues, and dating. The channel has been a trailblazer for the YouTube comedy scene with its honest yet hilarious advice on issues young millennials face today.

Boasting nearly , subscribers, Raskin and Dunn have definitely established themselves on the platform. This spring, the duo decided to transition JBU to the world of podcasting, to great success. The show is an hour long rather than ten- to fifteen-minute YouTube videos. Through the podcast, Raskin and Dunn have been able to dive even deeper into topics such as feminism and LGBT culture.

Over the phone, we discussed podcasting, mental health, friendships, feminism, dating, and how to deal with creepy guys on the subway. It was a really formative part of my teenage-hood, and I still watch the show. The day before yesterday, a girl came up to me and said that I helped her get through high school. G: When I was in high school, I was a big fan of things.

Gaby Dunn And Allison Raskin Get Candid About “Please Send Help”

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Gaby in pink eyeshadow and headphones smiling next to the mic she uses for podcasting · Help Come by the @jbupodcast Livestream on Sunday at

Posted by: Allison on: July 12, What makes Gabby so famous? What classifies the books as science fiction? To date, the series has three titles. All are fast-paced, action-packed, and will have high appeal to reluctant and avid reader alike. Her mom is single and believes her husband lost in a war.

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