And yet again, all film photographers are banned from entry. Nikon still sells film cameras. You can buy two options from their web site- representing the two opposite ends of the film photography spectrum. These are marketed to the art school crowd. Good, basic, no-frills cameras to shoot black and white in so you can learn how to develop. It will never get better than this camera from Nikon, the last of the storied F line dating back to In fact, since Cosina makes the FM and all Nikon does is slap a badge on them, there should be good profit in them. And thanks to the F mount, the majority of new lenses can be used on older film bodies. In fact a F3 from can use all but the G series new lenses, so film shooters are still customers.

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Type, Lens, Features, Scr, Serial Numbers, Date, Optic. AF, 80/, for F3-AF, 4+, , Jan83 – , 6/4. D, 85/ D PC Micro-Nikkor.

Hi all! I’m new here. Just got my F3 today and I’m in love The serial number should give it away, no? Anyone know of a website with serial numbers and date of production. The number is Thanks!

Nikon F3 & FM2n (Manufacture Year)

If you happen across an old Nikkormat in a junk shop etc, you might wonder, what the hell is this?! What is going on? Nikkormats and Nikomats as they were called in Japan , were Photo cameras before the K was created. Even today, Nikkormats usually sell for about half the cost of a K And we all know that lenses are what take the photo.

lens is used with the Nikon F3, F2A photomic, F2AS photomic,. FE or FM cameras​, coupling shoe, dating to as far back as approximately 12 years, can now be.

Find a camera by name:. Don’t forget to update your personal camera inventory. Collection by TSD. I’m always looking for Nikon cameras. Contact TSD Create your own cameras inventory registration required. The most recent models were the latest traditional folding cameras made. Agfa Billy Record 8,8 is manufactured between years The lens is Jgestar mm f8,8 in a a A.

Gauthier shutter. The name of the model variation comes according to the max. The camera takes 6x9cm pictures on a film.

Camera Geekery: Nikon F2 Titan review

Introduced in and discontinued almost 21 years later, the Nikon F3 was the third in a series of pro-line flagship Nikon SLR ‘s that now numbers six cameras. As this is written, some New Old Stock F3’s are starting to command prices approaching those associated with the F5. Less pristine examples of the F3, especially early ones, cost much less, and represent one of the great bargains in manual SLR photography. The F3 was initially resisted by Nikon traditionalists who were slow to trust the battery dependence of its superb microelectronics.

When the batteries in the meter of an F or F2 died, the camera itself was not affected. Of course, batteries are cheap, and this problem was more theoretical than practical.

Open in App. Sign In. How can you find the date of production from the serial number of a Nikon D camera? Is the Nikon F3 really that good? 3, Views.

I am in the process of putting together a website in which the F3 will be featured and am amassing a database of serial numbers and related info. If any of you have an F3, please forward me serial numbers and corresponding codes so that I can add to the database. If you are a member of other photography forums, clubs or groups; please ask others with F3s for this information.

The more info we can gather, the more accurate the database will become. If you’re uneasy about leaving serial numbers here in an open forum; then please forward your information to me via flickr-mail. Most of you probably already know what the first 2 digits mean. But until recently; it was not known to me and many others what the 3rd, 4th and sometimes 5th digits are meant to represent. After searching several Japanese forums using Google Translate ; I have been able to find at least 2 references to a plausible explanation.

If any of you can add further information; it’d be greatly appreciated. The list is updated monthly and can be downloaded from here – www.

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This is by far the most popular Databack for the F3 camera. Used with all Nikon F3-series cameras, this interchangeable camera back comes with quartz-controlled clock and LCD to display time, date or sequential numbers from -2 to , and lets you imprint this data in the lower right-hand corner of your photos if desired. A built-in alarm makes it very handy for travel.

For snap shooters, scientists or anyone with the desire to create lasting memories. Operations of the MF can’t be easier, just select the mode Three in sequence and press select to go to the respective number you wish to change, after completion, just press the mode button. You can cancel the print mode just by pressing the ‘Print’ button once Activate by pressing it one more time and the flashing icon for ‘print’ will keep flash on the LCD panel.

You can also still buy an F6- Nikon’s ultimate professional film SLR. It will never get better than this camera from Nikon, the last of the storied F line dating back to In fact a F3 from can use all but the G series new lenses, so film.

I was spurred on to do something useful with my collection after I recently discovered reams of promotional brochures going back to the s which had I collected long before I could even afford the cameras. I have decided that everything that is so far in digital form will be made available – for free – on this site. Apart from the actual cost of buying the amount of kit that provided some of the literature, virtually none of the items has cost me a penny, so I think that it is only fair that other dedicated Nikon collectors and users should enjoy the benefits of this.

This is a thankless task and one that, if I am honest, I have been putting off for ages because of the demands of doing it perfectly and the monotony of actually ploughing through all the material! However, rather than wait for it all to be done, I offer below a range of material that has already been completed. Where appropriate the literature is dated – the UK form of dates may be unfamiliar to foreign readers; namely two digit months follow by two digit years – thus is the tenth month of – October I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Nikon F2 Brochure Germany Nikon F5 System Brochure Germany Nikkormat FTn Repair Manual Nikon F Photomic FTn meter repair instructions.

Nikon F3 – A professional heavyweight.

A very nice guest review for you to enjoy. Renato Repetto gives us a bit of a history lesson and a nice little review. The Nikon F2 Titan is all about business.

– 2 = Feb. – 3 = March – 4 = April – 5 = May – 6 = June – 7 = July; 8 = Aug. – 9 = Sept​. – O = Oct. – N = Nov. – D = Dec. * The second digit is a date.

The Nikon F is a unique camera in that it not only became an iconic camera, it started a legacy. It began a line of SLR cameras that are still being sold today and where each of the F professional cameras has been an iconic camera in its own right. The Nikon F, a camera that only needs one letter for its name! The F5 can be a fully automatic camera, not too dissimilar to the current crop of D series Nikons, which I have continued using, so I was not expecting to see many similarities, but I was surprised.

It somehow did feel like it was from the same range of camera, and the feeling emanated from the great build quality through to the modular design. The Nikon F also changed the landscape of photography in a world where rangefinders reigned supreme, especially for the 35mm format. With this camera, Nikon cemented the concept where a photographer could see exactly what they were photographing through the lens.


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Dating the Nikon F3: To find the code remove the backcover and it is at the where hidden by the hinge, and the meanings of these characters are: First.

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The Nikon SLR Serial Number/Date Thread.

Weekly: Ask Anything About Analog. Dating a Nikon FM from serial numbers??? Cameras self. Was wondering if anyone knows how to date a Nikon FM based on the serial numbers on the back of the body? Any help would be appreciated! Take her out for a nice dinner.

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I eventually splashed the cash a couple of years ago when a clean and tidy F3HP turned up on the secondhand shelf at Harrison Cameras in Sheffield for a very reasonable sum. Introduced in March the F3 amazingly continued to be produced after it was superseded by the F4 in and the F5 in with Nikon finally announcing that production had ceased as late as ! The F3 was the first of a number of Nikon models to be designed by Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro better known for his many automotive designs including the first Volkswagen Golf and the legendary DeLorean DMC and was also the first to feature the now well-known Nikon signature red stripe on the handgrip….

Every single Nikon lens in my collection, even those dating from the s and the more recent autofocus AF-D models can be used with the F3, it really is an incredibly versatile piece of kit! In good light the aperture in use is visible in the equally tiny ADR Aperture Direct Readout window, in poor light it can be difficult to see any information at all. View all posts by freelancewastrel.

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Why Nikon hates your film photography

We hope to be able to meet springtime Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Login Register. Hi all, I’ve been working on compiling a list of serial numbers along with production date information about the Nikon F3.

1 x Nikon Camera TW20 Quartz Date AF. Nikon F3 35mm SLR Film Camera Body – user functional – best plain film SLR:). AU $ bids. + AU $

Lenses plays an important component in any 35mm SLR photographic system and it is also one of the most important element in deciding to choose a particular label to build a system. Nikon knows it and so do others. Few key areas in the Nikon system lead in technology and performance. From now on they need to take full advantage of them by introducing capable camera models to catapult the Company back to drivers seat – instead of letting many Nikon photographers take the second fiddlers role to others I thought so too, except such a combination is like a 4-legged friend that has one of its legs chopped off.

The picture above simply highlights some of the strange decisions Nikon made at times. I know many Nikon users are complaining by saying that the Nikkor lens line requires a total revamp or streamlining its entire product specification – which to me, is irrelevant to photography. Personally, to summarize impression of Nikon F5 era in a few paragraphs:. When this site was at its preview stage, a surfer left a remark on the message board, disagreeing what I quoted ” Nikon is Big, if not cumbersome..

Now the unpopular decision to integrate the power pack is generally referred as another weak point in the F5. But seemingly, the success story of Canon EOS-1 series has inspired Nikon to think since the Canon pros can live without one, why should they wasting resources to fabricate so many individual components on viewfinder assembly to the F6? The F5 is a great camera by any standard, in many ways, it excels its main business rivalries in terms of performance but one of the main reason for unable to lure back the previous owners who have shifted to other camps was mainly due to untimely introduction of this fabulous camera.

Well, one can live with a camera without a important feature doesn’t mean it is not a functional nor useful SLR.

Introduction to the Nikon F3, Video 1 of 2