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At Society, Lola was reluctant to talk to Theo about the altercation with Kyle during the Jabot party. Theo told Lola he hadn’t meant to cause trouble for her because she was the only friend he had. At a table near the bar, Mariah appeared concerned as she watched Theo interacting with Lola at the bar. Abby approached Mariah. After Mariah expressed concern about Theo having become a regular patron, Abby sensed Mariah’s desire to intervene and said, “Whatever you’re thinking about doing, don’t. At the bar, Theo told Lola he should get a life because he was keeping her from attending to her patrons. Lola replied, “You have a life, Theo, a really good one. You work at Jabot.

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Billy Strayhorn, pictured here in the s, wrote more than 1, works, most of them for Duke Ellington. William P. The composer Billy Strayhorn spent almost all of his adult life in the professional company of Duke Ellington, operating as a crucial but seldom visible creative partner whose own greatness has finally emerged only in the past two decades — long after his death in at age He was an impeccable and sensitive craftsman whose own musical universe overlapped and expanded the vast world of Ellingtonia; his tonal language ran the gamut from classical to bebop.

This month marks Strayhorn’s centennial.

bloodlines, I have taken the time to put it all together in a book with a Long ago in the dark unwritten pages of human history, powerful kings discovered They still wield great financial power in the United States through Randolf Hearst, an Illuminatus of the 6° who got Billy Graham’s ministry going by financing the first.

Originally played by Ashley Nicole Millan as a child, the character was aged to a teenager in and portrayed by Heather Tom. In , the soap brought Amelia Heinle in to take over the role and she continues to play Victoria to this day. Victor attempted to pay the young man to leave town, but instead, he and Victoria eloped!

Victoria then found herself attracted to new stablehand Cole Howard , and they also married young, but that quickly ended when they feared they were brother and sister! Victoria was delighted, and they remarried, but she continued to be jealous of other women. When she left town to sort herself out, Cole was left alone to spark an affair with Ashley Abbott. The truth came out, and Cole promised to help her with his child, but still planned to marry Ashley.

Tragically, their baby girl, Eve, died shortly after being born. Devastated, Victoria broke up with Neil and then dated Gary Dawson, who turned out to be a psycho that kidnapped her! After Nick and Paul rescued her, Victoria rekindled things with Ryan, and they planned to remarry.

When good TV goes bad: how Ally McBeal lost its lust for life

Good and bad. I love you so much. As for how the newly engaged couple will celebrate, Arie revealed earlier in the special, “We’re going on a little vacation. We’re going to get out of the country for a little bit and then Lauren is going to move to Arizona. Of course, Harrison asked Lauren how she was feeling given all of the controversy surrounding their relationship.

Claire Danes opened up to Howard Stern on Monday, Oct. 5, about Billy Crudup leaving pregnant Mary-Louise Parker for her back in

Stern first asked Danes, now 36, whether the judgment from the public at the time was a terrifying experience. In , Crudup left his girlfriend of eight years, Parker, while she was seven months pregnant to pursue a romance with Danes, whom he met on the set of their film, Stage Beauty. Danes and the Almost Famous actor, 47, stayed in a relationship for four years until she moved on with her future husband, Hugh Dancy. Though admittedly young and careless at the time, Danes said she was at peace with the situation involving Crudup.

Parker, 51, who has since kept quiet about the affair, will most likely address it in her upcoming memoir, Dear Mr. The book, which is set to hit shelves on Nov. Along with addressing her past with Crudup on Monday, Danes also made several other revelations during her chat with Stern.

Billy Idol is dating actress-model-restaurant scion China Chow

I am hopelessly divided between the dark and the good, the rebel and the saint, the sex maniac and the monk, the poet and the priest, the demagogue and the populist. I feel the pull of emotions when these characters appear in my actions. I can justify all of it to myself, but inside, where it really matters, the fullness and the void struggle to assert one another… this schism has enabled a birth of musical notes that fly on the wind, blaring in my mind.

When he was almost 7, William and his family returned to England.

Her recording engineer, Evan LaRay Brunson, said her verse dates back to Pony’ grinds with grit and gloom, and crescendos with some of his most accessible music to date Chelsea Houska Reveals Sex Of Baby Number Four.

By Chrissy Iley. It happened all in the same week. It creeps along, he says. He is looking surprisingly chipper: embroidered shoes, a white dotty shirt, and interesting jewellery — skulls, and a giant beautiful ring with the half-elephant-half-man Hindu god Ganesh. His shaggy hair is slightly less shaggy. But more of that later.

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The two grew up together in Hollywood and even starred in their own While it’s still unclear what led to their brief falling out, it was rumored.

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Billy Connolly interview: ‘Robin Williams tried to say goodbye to me’

Candace Young. Tuesday, January 28th, In the penthouse, Adam assures Chelsea that Connor loves his new sitter. Adam reminds her Nick cut her loose.

Surrender or You Will Die: Glasgow’s Loyalist Bridgeton Billy Boys Street Gang members of the Protestant Irish/loyalist identity group together in common cause still received state funding; Glasgow Rangers Football Club was forced to between Rangers, Chelsea and Linfield fans called the “Blues Brothers Alliance.

At the ranch, Sharon stopped by to visit Victoria. Victoria thanked Sharon for taking care of Johnny and Katie while she’d been in the hospital. Sharon offered to send Faith over to babysit if Victoria desired a little private time. Victoria, sounding somewhat melancholy, replied, “I have to be honest. I kind of like having them running around here wild. It reminds me that no matter what we’ve been through, that they can just put all of that aside and just be kids and play.

Victoria lamented that her recovery would take time. Sharon admitted to Victoria that she’d stopped by because Nikki was concerned. Victoria insisted she just needed rest and not counseling. Victoria acknowledged that her life during recovery was vastly different. Sharon asked about Billy. Victoria sighed and replied, “He’s off being Billy.

Sharon asked Victoria if having almost no responsibilities was in reality not as idyllic as it seemed it might have been.

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